4. Discussion

4.1 Analysis of results
Using the table to record our data, it is now easy to compare all the data that we need. Specifically, we compared the amount of energy. We found out that the number of motors affects the amount of energy a movable bridge uses. The one with that used the least amount of energy is the most energy efficient bridge.

4.2 Explanation of key findings
Using only one motor, the rolling bascule bridge uses about half the energy of the other two movable bridges which both use two motors.

4.3 Evaluation of engineering goals
We fulfilled our goals completely. We found what we wanted to learn, which was which bridge was the most energy effecient
4.4 Areas for improvement
With more planning we might have been able to test more than 3 types of movable bridges.
If the wires were soldered together once we knew that the circuit worked, we might have saved time. Several minutes each session had to be dedicated to rewiring the movable bridge circuit.

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